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On these projects I was producing in the field, field directing, overseeing the crew including lighting and sound, conducting the interviews with talent and sending editing notes back to a Los Angeles editors. 


The G Word  - Discovery, Planet Green - magazine style news show.


Robert Kennedy -  Green Chimney - Link

G Word - Robert Kennedy


Peggy Whitson - NASA - Link

PLanet Green - Peggy Whitson NASA


Graham Hill   -  CEO Treehugger.com - bike trials - Link

Planet Green Grahm Hill


Philadelphia Eagle Players - Green competition - Link

Planet Green - Philly Eagles


Toddlers and Tiaras - TLC Reality Show


Ava's Dad - Link

Toddlers Tiaras - Ava's Dad


Karmen's Mom - Link

Toddlers Tiaras- Karmen's Mom